Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to reduce fat - Tricks

First of all it's very necessary to know how much fat is there on stomach. The dieting & exercises would be done accordingly so that we may be healthy with smart look. The increasing of fat is a major cause of many problems.

For the purpose, you should have to fold the skin of stomach and measure the thickness. If the width is less than ½ inches, it may be reduced by doing exercises only without dieting. But if the width is more than ½ inches, the exercises and also dieting will have to be done regularly.

Some noticeable points are here:

1. Do your breakfast freely, lunch be done lesser and dinner be taken much lesser than that.
2. Dinner be taken soon just after evening so that there is no need to take meal meanwhile.
3. Try to reduce the use of more sugar and oily food. Take grains, green vegetables and fruits, etc. for fulfilling the required energy of body.
4. Take Vitamin C as much as you can which is generally found in some grains, green vegetables and fruits, etc. You can take tablets of the same after some intervals.
5. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, wines, meats and sweet drinks may not be taken because these things reduce our digesting process.
6. Take water alternatively as much as you can.
7. Light food be taken in the dinner because in the night, the digestion system is not much active. It results more insulin to change the carbohydrate into fat and more deposition of fat in the stomach.